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ADVICE PLEASE!!!: Weight/Fluid in Turf Tires??

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Hello all,

Got my never used/new to me turf tires yesterday. I'm just wondering what everyone's opinions are on whether or not to add fluid to the tires for weight.

My plan is to put them on for the summer months, and use my R1's for the winter. In the summer I'll be moving round bales, flail mowing, roto-tilling, spraying, "aerway-ing", spreading fertilizer, etc. No real heavy pulling. I do have a ballast box with extensions that I can put on if I'm lifting heavy with the loader.

I'd appreciate your thoughts, especially those of you that have golf course/lawn care experience.

Thanks, Happy Holidays!!

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I personally am not a fan of filled tires since I use my tractor for so may things, mainly mowing in the summer. I feel it's better to add weight via a ballast box when it's needed.
Do you think that an extended BB full of something dense like sand is enough??

Sand? No...Portland Cement, Yes.
Right now I am too busy playing with my new iPad and
1 - 4 of 17 Posts
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