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ADVICE PLEASE!!!: Weight/Fluid in Turf Tires??

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Hello all,

Got my never used/new to me turf tires yesterday. I'm just wondering what everyone's opinions are on whether or not to add fluid to the tires for weight.

My plan is to put them on for the summer months, and use my R1's for the winter. In the summer I'll be moving round bales, flail mowing, roto-tilling, spraying, "aerway-ing", spreading fertilizer, etc. No real heavy pulling. I do have a ballast box with extensions that I can put on if I'm lifting heavy with the loader.

I'd appreciate your thoughts, especially those of you that have golf course/lawn care experience.

Thanks, Happy Holidays!!

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Do you think that an extended BB full of something dense like sand is enough??

I have issues with a light rear with 440 pounds of iron and a normal ballast box full of portland when using my bucket in damp soil. I have thought about getting the extension, but I think its over priced.

Do you have any issues with your current setup? Do you lift the rears with your current setup or feel light? Are your current tires filled?

IMHO Sand is not heavy enough.
I was OK with all but the heaviest of lifts with my extBB + tire fluid in my R1's. I'm a little leary to 'commit' to the Portland cement, but I am settled now, so the BB won't be going anywhere else. Can you buy that stuff at Home Depot?? Maybe I will do that with some PVC pipe for yard tools.

One of my recent concerns is actually the weight of the snowblade and grapple I received from Croc/Gator attachements this fall. I'm going to get myself a crane scale and weight them, but i have some suspicions that they cheaped out on the grade of steel they used. My blade makes me front noticeably front heavy, but I'm sure part of that is that my blower is really very light, feels much lighter than my flail.

Brian, the extension would be the easiest fabrication project ever for you....

Randy, can I see yours??

1 - 4 of 17 Posts
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