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Air circulation/humidity in tractor storage building

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Hi all,

I'm in the planning process for a shop/building to store my toys. Probably 40x40. I'm in central Texas. I plan to build a metal building with a concrete floor. It will be insulated, but not air conditioned. I'll design is so I can open the shop doors in the summer and hopefully get enough air flow that it is bearable. I might put a small room on the side and put a window A/C in there, or something. But the main storage part will not be air conditioned. I will have a non-permanent heating solution, such as electric or propane space heater(s) for when I'm in there doing things in the winter. I have a lot of questions, but firstly I wanted to poll the group about your experiences with air circulation (and rust...and mold). Is this something I need to be concerned about? I currently park my tractor in my attached garage and don't give this any thought, but I see it get talked about in some threads on metal buildings. Any permanent vents (such as roof ridge vents) seem to defeat the point of insulation in the building, but I could do this. I've even seen people talk about condensation problems in their lean-to, and someone said you can add vents, but I wasn't clear what that means since the lean-to is open air to being with. Anyhow, appreciate any lessons learned, or comments on your experience dealing with this in your buildings. Thanks
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Generallly best/least expensive way to keep humidity down is to use a fan or fans on timer. Our most humid area is the pool equipment area underneath the "breakfast room" of the house. I've actually 2 fans in there to keep things dried out some. Works. Otherwise, anything metal will rust like mad. These fans come on about 4 times/day for about 15 to 30 minutes.

Have 1 big industrial fan in the basement of the carriage house where the walkbehinds and some tractor implements are stored. It is timed to come on once/day for about 30 minutes.

Have a fan going all the time in the house utility room where the main air handler is located. It is just off a crawl space. In that crawl space, we had to put an industrial (around $1200) dehumidifier to keep its humidity controlled in that encapsulated space. It does a good job. Before, a normal humidifier didn't work, then tried 2 or 3 fans. Didn't work. Were getting mold smells. The industrial dehumidifier has things under control.
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