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Hi all,

I'm in the planning process for a shop/building to store my toys. Probably 40x40. I'm in central Texas. I plan to build a metal building with a concrete floor. It will be insulated, but not air conditioned. I'll design is so I can open the shop doors in the summer and hopefully get enough air flow that it is bearable. I might put a small room on the side and put a window A/C in there, or something. But the main storage part will not be air conditioned. I will have a non-permanent heating solution, such as electric or propane space heater(s) for when I'm in there doing things in the winter. I have a lot of questions, but firstly I wanted to poll the group about your experiences with air circulation (and rust...and mold). Is this something I need to be concerned about? I currently park my tractor in my attached garage and don't give this any thought, but I see it get talked about in some threads on metal buildings. Any permanent vents (such as roof ridge vents) seem to defeat the point of insulation in the building, but I could do this. I've even seen people talk about condensation problems in their lean-to, and someone said you can add vents, but I wasn't clear what that means since the lean-to is open air to being with. Anyhow, appreciate any lessons learned, or comments on your experience dealing with this in your buildings. Thanks
My metal pole barn has an insulated ceiling (but not walls) with one ceiling fan in the middle of it. I'm going to have to put in some vents due to the white mildew/mold that forms during the warmer months. I haven't looked into a solution, yet, but I'm leaning towards one on each end of the barn. I'd like to find some that I can open and close from the ground so I can open them in the summer and close them in the winter; maybe with a fan built into it. Anyway, I would recommend some sort of ventilation!

Edit: My barn was here before me and has no ridge vents (or any vents).
Edit 2: I run that ceiling fan year-round, but still have the issue in the summer.
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