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I'm not a JD owner.

I retired recently, bought the "Lazy B", 80 acres in a canyon in eastern Washington, surrounded by a 7,000-acre working cattle ranch, completely off-grid, 1.2 miles of rough farm road and 2 locked gates between me and the nearest county gravel road. My wife and I only stay there about half the time from Apr-Nov, maybe one week a month in the winter.

I never owned a tractor in my life until last December, bought a nice old IH 584 (60 hp diesel) with a FEL, plus a lot of used equipment for it: Leinbach SO-7 scrape blade, Bush Hog 862 backhoe, couple of draw bars, goose neck draw bar stabilizer & 2" receiver, tire chains, cargo chains & binders, an assortment of lynch pins, bushings, bolts, and a partridge in a pear tree.

All this was to help me work the Lazy B. I have to plow snow for the last third of a mile to the tiny old cabin -- we had about 70 inches of snow last winter, most in two big storms, so lots of plowing. I need to grade about a mile of secondary roads on the place, and spread gravel. I have to dig a hole for the 2100-gal cistern that will be installed below the frost line late this summer when the well is drilled, and dig ditches for waterlines. I need to level a location for a 24x40 pole barn, and clear some boulders out of the two fords across the creek, and skid dozens of logs to my bandsaw mill (making my own lumber for the barn and various other projects). I hope to build a larger log cabin a few years down the road, so there will be footings and more waterline ditches and a septic field.

...So lots of tractor work for years to come. Heck, I might even plow & cultivate an acre or two for my wife to have a really large garden. Not me. I have a black thumb. Only things I can grow with confidence are dandelions and other weeds.

I've been looking for answers to questions about how to float my scrape blade on some sort of shoes or wheels to avoid plowing all my new gravel into the ditches. Can't use the lift-arms to hold it an inch or two above the ground, my roads have too much up-&-down. I found some good ideas in your forums...and of course I had to register to read them. Hope you green-tractor guys don't mind having an old man with a red tractor read your threads, try to get an education.

A parting thought: SLBTRSP ("shoot low boys, they're riding Shetland ponies!")


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It's OK, Jim. I was raised on red tractors.:empathy3:
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