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An Ode to a Great Friend, the 2305

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So the deal is done. I've sold my soul to the devil. This Saturday, a 2520 TLB and an X324 will be begin their pampered existence at our home. Happy day.

At the same time, the stork will be flying away with our faithful, dependable, and just plain amazing 2305 which has provided us with unbelievable service for the last 3+ years since her day of birth on January 22, 2008 at 3:05pm.

I'm sure going to miss the density of potential of that tractor, being of such modest size. While there is no one single machine that is perfect for all jobs, She has been the closest thing imaginable for the vast majority of our needs while only asking for just a small corner of our barn to sleep.

She's saved my back on so many occasions that it would be impossibe to recount. She's happy to get up at 4am in sub zero blowing snow to keep our driveway pristine so that we won't slip and fall. She's mowed down 6 ft high wild growth in the middle of the hot summer for us to enjoy paths on our land. She was even able to paw down to the base of our barn foundation to help correct a leaning wall. She's mowed our lawn for hours on end and devoured all of our fall leaves without so much as a hiccup. Trees have been planted. Mulch spread into the tightest of areas. Soil sculpted. Trenches carved. The list just goes on and on.

I'm fortunate to have these new machines, but I'm sure going to miss that 2305.
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Don't forget to edit your signature:drinks:

Congrats on the new tractors...
Though a good machine, she will be but a distant memory at years end when you put some good hours on the new rig. How about some photos of the new stuff.:thumbup1gif:
:drinks: Welcome to the 2520 family. :yahoo:
Maybe even before years end!! The 2520 is amazing in its own right.:good2:

Though a good machine, she will be but a distant memory at years end when you put some good hours on the new rig
Farewell old friend, hello new friends!

It is sad, but you won't be frowning for long.

Congrats on your new machines!

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