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Good ad. I have never seen a Kubota commercial on TV and this one, being 1:34 long likely wasn't a TV commercial in this length, or was it?

Here in the U.S., initially, the horse would probably have a political action committe which would develop a job retraining program and provide him with several forms of "government assistance" to help him.

But it is important to note that after a short time, the horse is no longer considered part of the "statistical job pool of employable equine workers" so he wouldn't be out of work, nor would he be retired.

He simply would become overlooked and forgotten by the very same Federal government who created 63 different job programs for him but then ignore him so that the statistical numbers for unemployment which are reported monthly would appear that economic conditions for "displaced equine" are much more favorable then the reality.......

And so it goes......Good ad though.:bigthumb:
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