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And so it begins

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Finally moved into the new house that initiated the purchase of my 2305. In the past week I have had quite a bit of seat time. I started by moving some dirt (clay) to prepare for 2 deliveries of stone. I have already moved 21 tons of CR6 and 15 or more tons of 57 stone. Had the shed delivered today (sitting on the 57 stone). I started moving everything over from the barn and shed that I am still using for storage. I love my tractor already, but boy does it eat up some floor space in a shed!

How do you all store your MMM? I have a 62C and am not sure how best to store it in the shed. I did a few searches and failed to find the topic. I am sure it has been discussed. Let me in on the secret, please.


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I store mine standing up with Larry's Mower Axles, it's nice and out of the way.
Oh No Lee

You are going to need a bigger shed.:yahoo:

In that case, can I move in with you when my wife asks for a divorce? Between the tractor, the shed to park it and the stone to support the shed, I am already in the doghouse. And to think, I can't even set-up a cot in the shed because there is not enough room.

Do you think Kenny's solution will solve your problem. I do not use them my self but, they look like an answer to a problem. A second idea is to build a sturdy shelf or rack and stack it with your loader. Another idea would be to store it outside the shed with a protective cover (tarp or roof). Whatcha think andything worth considering? I really don't like the idea of a boarder (unless the tractor comes with ya).:laugh:
I like Kenny's solution. I may try standing it up against the shed wall and using a ratchet strap to hold it on edge. Needless to say I can have this thing falling on me (or worse one of my kids who should not be in the shed anyway). I do see value in the axles and wheels. I am just not sure I am ready to throw another $100 at the issue.

As always, thanks for the input.

No real help here, storage real-estate is always an issue with these things. I will tell you, a bigger building is only a temporary solution.:lol:
I just sent a check for the axles and wheels to store my deck on it's side. I will take some pics and report back. I have the 60" auto-connect on my 1026R
Here is what I use. Land vehicle Vehicle Tractor Agricultural machinery Machine

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I just got my mower axles installed a couple of weeks ago and I love them!

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