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Hi all.

So Ive done it again.
I have a good history of buying "deals" to fix and either use or sell that end up costing a LOT more than initially planned.

The latest addition to that trend is a 513 rotary cutter.
Its in ok shape other than the gearbox and some miscellaneous parts. The cutter housing is beat up in the back, but I can repair that easy enough and add some reinforcement like Ive seen done on other cutters.
The big issue is the gearbox. The input shaft front bearing is shot. As in gone. I also believe the front shims are missing.
Ill get it off tomorrow and get a better look at it, but its a similar problem to what was in a thread earlier. The bearing went, and let the gears slip, which caused minor damage to the edges of the teeth. I believe it can be salvaged, but without the shims, thats going to be tough. The shim kit is almost $100 by itself.
Add in the bearings, and Im thinking right now Id have less money in a replacement gearbox.
Trouble with that is, I dont know much about what Id need to replace it with.
I cant seem to find specs on the gearbox I have now.
Its tag says Part Number DE18653.

My other problem is with the PTO shaft. The shaft itself is fine, but the covers are not. The end of one half is melted, because while the PO said he shut it down right away, I doubt he did. The bearing is GONE, as is the seal, and the shims on that end. Well, as far as I can tell they are.
The guards are going to cost almost as much as a new shaft with guards.

Nearest I can tell, Ill have about $200 in parts just fixing the old gearbox, shim kit not included in that. I think I can find individual shims at Motion Industries or somewhere similar.
The bearings I can probably save a bit on too, once I get them out and get the numbers.
Ive seen gearboxes for about $150 or less different places, but Im not sure if the blade mount is the same on all of them or not.
How would I figure that out?

Youd think Id learn from the past, but I keep thinking the next one will be better.
Of course even if I have $300 or a bit more in getting this back running again, its still going to be worth more than Ill have in it, its just not what I wanted to get into exactly, although replacing the whole gearbox is easier than rebuilding the one I have, given I dont have the shims and will need to track down some.

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Ok, so I cant strip it down in the monsoon we are having, so Im left to ponder other things.

On the PTO shaft guard, I found a universal one that looks great. Bear-co is the maker. About $55 on Ebay. I may check my local Massey dealer, as they seem to have a lot of similar stuff at similar pricing. Seems like a good idea they have, if you havent seen one, might check them out if ever anyone needs a replacement. Two levers release the front so that you can easily hook up behind a shield, or grease the fittings without the bell in the way. For the cost, Im a bit skeptical, but its worth a shot.

On the gearbox, it appears I need to check the length of the splined output shaft, and the diameter/type of the input shaft. If I can match both of those, I should be good, or so it seems.

All in all, if thats it, and assuming I can find one that matches, between it and the PTO shaft guard, Ill be out about $210 give or take to have it up and running again.
Then I can decide if Im going to keep it or sell it. I dont have a lot of used for a bush hog right now, but should I end up doing a bit of side work with the tractor, I may.
Regardless, Ive got to get it apart still, and see where I stand for sure.

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Ok, its apart.
The good news is that the shims and snap ring are still there on the input shaft, so I wont need to find those items.
The bad news is much longer.
Both the input and output shaft are pitted where the seal rides, so my guess is they wont seal at all with gear oil.
One bearing on both shafts is shot. On the input, the rollers are completely gone, which I already knew. On the output shaft, the lower bearing is rusted up pretty good and very rough.
So, if I were to try to cheap out on this, Id have one bearing on each shaft, about $50, input and output shaft seals, about $20, The rear cap/cover, about $11.
The teeth on the gear are chewed a bit on the ends, but where they mesh seems to be good, much like the other thread about rebuilding this same gearbox.

Now, being that Im cheap, and have to be on this one, to get the gearbox back together will be about $80 or so.
It wont likely hold gear oil, but it should be ok with Corn Head Grease.

A new gearbox is about $155, but would negate the use of the safety bolt on the old PTO shaft, as none of the new boxes have the groove for that bolt, only the hole for the shear bolt.
Since this one has the clutch, I dont think that would be a problem, but Id rather have everything as original, unless its completely unnecessary. This was mentioned in the other thread about the rebuild too. It seems that its more a redundancy thing than anything. I guess my question would be, should that shear bolt snap, what keeps it on the shaft?
My thought on the other bolt is that it not only keeps the shaft attached, it also aids in eliminating any play.
That particular "bolt" is machined on one side to allow a better fit to the groove, and Id thought that I could likely use this anyway on the shaft even though there is no groove, but that seems somewhat unwise as it may damage the shaft on the new gearbox.

Any thoughts from anyone on all that?

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Well, more updates.

Ive decided to just replace the gearbox.
I could rebuild the thing for about $125 with new bearings, seals, and sleeves, but the larger input gear is chewed up on every tooth, and while I think it would run ok, there is some pretty good wear beyond the edges that are chewed up. I cant see that lasting very long, and with all that work to rebuild it, Id hate to have it a season or two and have to replace it anyway.
Or assuming I may sell it, Id hate to hand off an issue to a potential buyer. I know some wouldnt care, but Im not like that. If its not good enough for me, its likely not good enough to let someone else deal with either unless they know full well what they are getting.
And for only about $30 more, it seems sort of silly to even debate about it.

So, right now, I believe Ive found my gearbox, I just need to figure out about that PTO shaft cover.
I suppose I could just get the mower back together first, test it out, then get the PTO shaft cover later.
In any case, I think Ill go ahead and paint the thing while Ive got it all apart. If I decide to sell it, new paint makes everything more attractive and worth a bit more too! :bigthumb:

My biggest debate at this point is whether I get just the PTO shaft safety cover for about $65, or if I just go all out and get a splined gearbox and a new PTO shaft with clutch for $150.
I dont really think it matters too much. Since Im trying to be as cheap as possible, Ill likely end up just getting the cover.
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