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I purchase all my filters and other maintenance supplies for my two tractors from GFP. As you know they periodically have specials on filters and maintenance kits. I try to take advantage of the sales and stock up on filters and maintenance kits and as such I always have a couple on the shelf.

This past weekend I was doing the 200 hr service on my X500 and when I opened the maintenance kit I noticed the engine-side of the oil filter was rusty. I didn't want to take a chance on it so I used one of my individually boxed filters.

I looked back to see when I bought the maintenance kit and was amazed it was 2 years ago. The box was sealed and in perfect condition and it sits on the same shelf in a metal cabinet as all my other filters and supplies.

Since it was purchased two years ago I was a bit embarrassed to even contact GFP but I was curious if they had ever had any other reports of rusty filters in maintenance kits. I received a quick reply stating that the filter was probably rusty when JD put it in the box and further saying that a new replacement filter would be in the mail the next day! Whoa! I was a bit shocked. Who else out there stands behind their products like this? Needless to say I'm going to continue to get all my maintenance supplies from GFP.

The replacement filter arrived today so I am good to go!

And just for the record, the reason the maintenance kits sit on my shelf a while is that I change the oil and filter in my X500 every 25 hrs and install the maintenance kit every 100 hrs. I put about 50 hrs a season on the machine which is why the maintenance kit interval seems so long.
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