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Trying to assist my dad, he has a Ford 4600. Currently there's a Woods loader plumbed (open center I believe) to 1 rear hydraulic remote (he has 2). Would a power beyond block make this right? Shouldn't the loader have full flow at all times rather than routed through a tractor hydraulic spool?

What happens is pressure builds up as I recall, and pops the detent on the factory spool valve which drops flow to the loader. Also, he has to move the valve to use the 3 point hitch, cannot use both at the same time.

The 2 blocks, HV5902 and HV 4902, I believe he needs the HV5902 with the power beyond adapter at the loader valve correct? Plumb the supply off the block to "in" at loader valve, "PB" from loader to "return" at block, then "out" from loader somewhere back to sump right? The HV4902 has no power beyond, but best I gather, it may choke flow to the 3 point hitch right?

Photos attached of the remote valves.
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