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Here's another method to move your implements around when low on storage space.

For 3 point mowers and some other implements, this idea will allow you to keep the wheels on the implement with no extra cart or dolly to deal with.

You start with a short length of 2 1/2 inch square tubing which will later be welded on or near the corners(but on the sides) of the brush hog or other implement. The wheel diameter and the type implement you have will determine what length will be necessary and to make it not interfere with the implement design and function. On these 2 1/2 inch square pieces, you'll need to mark the halfway point and drill a thru hole that goes through the front and back. The diameter of this hole will need to be sized to the diameter of the hitch pin that will secure the 2 inch square tubing to the 2 1/2 inch square piece.
The 2 1/2 inch square tubing is welded vertically to the implement. You'll need appropriate sized and type wheels that can handle the weight of your implement.

Next, you'll need some 2 inch square tubing. With the wheels you've selected, you can determine what length to cut the 2 inch tubing by dry fitting it inside the welded piece of 2 1/2 inch tubing. What you'll need to do next is mark holes that need to be drilled in the top and bottom of the 2 inch square piece. These two holes will not be located on the same sides. The top thru hole will be for the hitch pin that'll slide through both pieces from front to back. It has to align with the hole in the 2 1/2 inch square piece. The bottom hole is for a bolt to hold the wheel. This hole will be 90 degrees to the top hole. You could substitute the bolt for a piece of solid round stock and weld or fasten it with spring pins or cottor pins.

In order to install the wheel and the pieces of tubing, the implement will need to be raised off the floor or ground. This method allows for quick removal of the wheels if needed.

Had to use someone else's drawing to illustrate the idea. You may need to adjust the design to fit your specific implement or use.


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