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Any apple growers here?

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Growing apples is quite a hobby of mine, been doing it for 31 years. I redid the orchard with deer fencing and replanted on Tall Spindle in 2016,2017 & 2018 and should be in serious production now with the size they are at.

BUT this year this year the Bio fix date of green tip was 3/28, the last three years it was 4/11, 4/17 & 4/28.'' Last year we had two killing freezes in mid May.

Thus the trees are well ahead of schedule and Zestar is at pink right now. Here is what they look like right now.

Feel free to jump in with anything apple related, I can probably help.
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Nice orchard! While I have had vetable gardens for years, this is the first year for apple trees. Bought them two weeks ago, and waiting a couple weeks before I put them in the ground, as it's still flirting with freezing at night here in Ohio. Supposed to be a low of 35 this week. We got one wolf river, and three honeycrip semi-dwarfs. We are going to see how these turn out, then determine if we should plant more. My wife loves the idea of a small orchard - she has talked about it for more than ten years.
It seems like an early year this year for a lot of spring greening. My peach trees are in full bloom today, and my apple trees started opening buds last week. Probably at least a week behind the pictures of your trees. At this point a late frost will take a toll on things. I still have a month to go before the last frost date here.

Been a few days lately where it's looked like a good idea to get the winter cover off the pool.
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Can you provide some information about your deer fencing? We've got some grapes and a few blueberry bushes and I'd rather have some of those for ourselves.
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