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Any JD Walk-behind Snow Blowers Out There?

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Last year I broke down and purchased a new JD 1028E Snow Blower and I have to tell you - it rocks! I live in upstate NY and the 1028 took everything Mother Nature and the local snow plow could throw at it. I know JD doesn't make its own snow blowers - but they are manufactured to JD specs. How about you guys - anyone have a JD snow blower? What are your experiences with it? Here's a link to mine:
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I had an older 524

I no longer have it but had a 524 I bought off of Craig's List. Made sure it ran and all worked, loaded it up and brought it home. Started looking all over and discovered the auger gearcase was broke. Fixed it after freeing the auger from the shafts (rusted together). Then discovered it needed new fuel lines and a carburator rebuild and drive belt. Someone got a nice old machine at my expense. Only used it a couple of years, but you are correct, these machines are tanks and will go through anything, anywhere. :thumbup1gif:
I just sold my jd 826 that I bought new in 1987, which was made by Ariens. It never let me down and other than a couple of belts and some shear pins it was trouble free. Only reason for selling it was I inherited my aunts 2 year old 13hp Ariens which had only been used a couple of times.
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