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Any one using the 4000 series for hay?

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I am curious if anyone is haying with a 4520/ 4720 and to see how you like it and how it might compare to what you have used in the past. It seems to me that eHydro would be the cat's meow because of the infinite speed ranges but the short wheel base may beat the crap out of you mowing and tedding, raking too maybe.... I am downsizing from 100acres ( 60 ac. of field) to 40 acres ( 22 acres of field) and am not convinced that i want to keep my NH TN 75DA ( never liked the blue actually).

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I do not use my 4520 for haying, but it does get in front of my neighbors bailer when needed.

I cut over 40 acres of field with it. Some with a sickle and most with a rotary cutter. Yes the shorter wheelbase does give you a rougher ride than an all out ag tractor, but the air seat is very nice. I would recommend the seat upgrade. By no means is it to rough.

For square bales, the tractor is heavy enough. My neighbor would rather use my 4520 than his 3010 when it comes down to it.
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I don't get much boucing and I do have the Ag tires. I have 220 pounds of iron on the inside of each rear tire. If you need wight, you could eaily run 3 on the inside and one on the outside of each tire. That would put 440 pounds per side.
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