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Anyone familiar with Scarifiers?

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In the past I've found the scarifiers alone would be quite helpful when breaking new ground. I know they really help while box blading and a close friend has an old Landpride 5 footer that I've wanted for years. I've been offered them to borrow but never own. It's the type of item that see's punishing ground work and would hate to break them on him. I know many are fond of plows and middle busters but I'm curious as to why more folks don't use these. These are the ones my friend has and that I'm most familiar with.

I'd appreciate you thoughts and feedback.

Matt T.:think::think:
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I have built one similiar to that out of used road grader scarifier teeth. It has been useful at times ,but takes a lot of HP to sink it very deep, which I dont have with my 4100cut. Just make more passes. I did actually break mine at first, had to do some serious reinforcement on it .
Billy, any chance you can show us your handy work? I know Pete would really like to see it.
Sorry it took so long to reply. Been busy painting and putting trim in the bedroom of my barn. Hoping to move into it in acouple of weeks. Give me some time and I will try to learn how to post pictures. I would like to do something like kennyd for pictures. I have really liked this site so far, just need more hours in the day. lot of work to do on my barn before winter hits in the mountains of Utah.
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