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Anyone familiar with Scarifiers?

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In the past I've found the scarifiers alone would be quite helpful when breaking new ground. I know they really help while box blading and a close friend has an old Landpride 5 footer that I've wanted for years. I've been offered them to borrow but never own. It's the type of item that see's punishing ground work and would hate to break them on him. I know many are fond of plows and middle busters but I'm curious as to why more folks don't use these. These are the ones my friend has and that I'm most familiar with.

I'd appreciate you thoughts and feedback.

Matt T.:think::think:
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Billy, any chance you can show us your handy work? I know Pete would really like to see it.
Yes I would!

Matt, this is the never ending battle of attachments:

Lots of features;
Lots of attachments;
Not much money.

Pick any two. (I lean towards the last two).

I have the scarifiers on my box blade. With the hydraulic top link, I can tilt it up and get some good digging in. The depth is adjustable. I did not get the hydraulic scarifier feature on my box blade, I think Steve (Jenkinsph) did. This lets you raise and lower them remotely. Sweet! But I knew I would not be using it enough to justify that.

When it was time to get the land plane, I did not get the scarifiers because I had them on the box blade. And on the land plane, I got the cheapest one- no adjustable angle on the blades or adjustable blade height, and the length was not as long as I might have liked.

But the money saved with this approach lets me have a landscape rake (York rake). And a small tiller. Trade-offs, trade-offs.

Fortunately, when it comes to these trade-offs the only way to loose is to not play (in the dirt). Side note, this is the opposite of dealing with many types of conflict where the only way to win is to not play.

Glad you got the job done :thumbup1gif: !

Here are some pictures of my box blade and landscape rake so Randy won't have to be grumpy today....



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