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Anyone familiar with Scarifiers?

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In the past I've found the scarifiers alone would be quite helpful when breaking new ground. I know they really help while box blading and a close friend has an old Landpride 5 footer that I've wanted for years. I've been offered them to borrow but never own. It's the type of item that see's punishing ground work and would hate to break them on him. I know many are fond of plows and middle busters but I'm curious as to why more folks don't use these. These are the ones my friend has and that I'm most familiar with.

I'd appreciate you thoughts and feedback.

Matt T.:think::think:
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I actually haven't done anything with it. I ended up using my boxblade scarifiers to rip up the area. If I were to start my clearing all over again I would borrow my friends or buy without hesitation. If it weren't for the rocks here I think this would be an extremely useful attachment. I can just imagine the damage I could do in short order dragging them 6"-8" deep. Roots and tree's would tremble in fear.
If I end up clearing more I'll try my friends out and post some pics and feedback.

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