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Anyone getting less than MSRP from dealer?

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Just curious - my dealer is not moving off of MSRP. I called a couple of others and they indicated the same. Dealer claims that inventories are so low and lead time to order is 2-3 months depending on the model so they aren't discounting at all - he even told me, they used to discount 10-15%
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Due to covid, 2021 will bring shortages of raw and imported materials, inventories will be reduced and costs will increase dramatically. Generally speaking, every consumable item will have components that will have increased cost and more limited availability. If your dealer cannot offer a discount, don't be offended. His income stream has been reduced and he is in survival mode. If you need it, buy it, but really consider keeping it local and keep your local dealer in business. You will need him down the road. Keep the money local. The local economy needs the cash stimulus and we need to do our part. Not saying to be foolish but if the difference in price to you is small, be loyal to your local dealer.
It seems to be a sellers market right now - tractors, trucks, and trailers. I have not heard of anyone offering above MSRP just yet to get earlier delivery, but maybe they are just to embarrassed to admit it.
Interesting topic here......there are likely some great deals out there to be had. Most dealers are reducing inventory and turning it back into cash. Then they re-order based on demand. A lot of dealers are not expecting an ongoing surge in the economy and a lot of manufacturers are screaming for raw materials or subcomponents as the pipeline is fractured thus creating a slower delivery. Interest rates are low, so borrowing may be adoption for customers with limited cash. A $10,000 purchase over 120 months is $83/month. A $10,000 purchase with a 20% discount equals $ 8,000 ( nice discount if you can get it) but the same purchase over 120 months is $66/month......difference is $17/month. Any discount less than 20% minimizes the difference. Making payments over 120 months may offset a likely price increase that is coming around the corner. Just another way to look at it.
That may be but what's the excuse for all the dealers that did not discounting back when times were good? Loyalty works both ways.
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I work in an unrelated industry and as of March 1st, we are being hit with never ending price increases and slow delivery due to shortages of raw goods. And now new freight sur-charges. I am being told this will keep escalating until Fall and may not stop then. I have to pass on the new increases and it is endless. Suppliers that had plush inventories and stockpiles of raw goods will be Ok for awhile but eventually they will run out. You can already see it at street level at the pump. We all know what happens when fuel increases in cost. Waiting may be a wise move. If inventories are restocked you may catch a break and get a better deal.......but if raw goods keep climbing, you could be looking at a higher cost machine.
I'd be interested in the year over year sales numbers.
There is nothing wrong with shopping around looking for the best investment cost, and if you find one you like but it is out of your comfort zone as far as support and distance, go ahead and give the local guys a opportunity to match. They understand and they likely do the same thing when they make a large purchase. I'm sure they would appreciate a opportunity to reconsider their offer. And if they can't wiggle, they will tell you to go ahead and make the deal elsewhere but reconsider them down the road on your next purchase. No need to hold a grudge or get angry. Business is business and personal budgets and financial situations warrant different outcomes. If the difference is minor and your local guy is more convenient, pay the difference and support local. Even if it's a big JD group with a local center, the local guys benefit and help keep the local economy healthier. Most of the time due to competition consumers catch a break. But not all the time. Not every time. If you need to wait for a better deal, do so. The guy you'r talking to is just like you.....he is trying to make a living. If you can help him....he will find a way to help you.
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