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Anyone getting less than MSRP from dealer?

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Just curious - my dealer is not moving off of MSRP. I called a couple of others and they indicated the same. Dealer claims that inventories are so low and lead time to order is 2-3 months depending on the model so they aren't discounting at all - he even told me, they used to discount 10-15%
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I disagree. Every dealer I spoke with last summer when shopping was going gangbusters with sales. They couldn't get product fast enough. My dealer is still selling more than he can get in. Factory lead times are 12-16 weeks for the most part.

Now, if you were to say dealers aren't discounting because they don't have to, I'd not argue that point.

I had a trailer dealer laugh in my face the other day when I asked if there was any wiggle room on the price of one I was looking at. He said "if you don't want it, somebody else will." Things are that crazy out there...
If your dealer cannot offer a discount, don't be offended. His income stream has been reduced and he is in survival mode.
I believe if you shop around you can find dealers that will still discount. Maybe not the 15%-18% most were seeing last year, but something more than nothing.
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