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Anyone hauling 1026 in enclosed trailer?

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I have a 1026r and a 6x12 enclosed trailer with ramp door (Interstate/Royal Cargo.......I forget now, they're kinda ll the same).

Is anyone hauling their 1026 (or similar sized tractor in one of these trailers? I can haul 2 Ultra classics in it (2000lbs about), but only do 1 bike up ramp at a time.

Anyone? Dont wanna fold the ramp door going
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My father hauled his 4115 in his enclosed all aluminum legend trailer. His is not a snowmobile trailer but called a cargo trailer as the cross supports are closer. It made it ok bit in my opinion he did not have anything in the trailer heavy duty enough to tie it down. Little 1 inch ratchet straps are not what i think of when i think secure. You sure do not have anything you can put a chain on in there.
So I think it will work for you if you can tie it down.

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I do have the "trailer package" which has the HD tie downs bolted through the floor into the frame.

Maybe I'll have to give it a whirl.
I guess the big question is implements? You want to haul the bare tractor or it loaded with the FEL, Ballast Box, MMM...
The majority of single axle trailers are 3500# rated. Unless someone has put a heavier axle under it or had one custom made.
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