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Anyone in the upstate NY area want to trade a 60" deck (yours) for a 54" deck (mine)?

I got the 54" autoconnect deck because I was concerned with scalloping. But I live in the middle of nowhere and I realized I don't really give a [email protected][email protected]#. :)

The 60" would let me reach a bit farther past my driveway (the slope there is too much to side-hill mow).

I've seen posts by people who have the 60" deck and regret it for various reasons and want the 54. Well, I have the opposite problem! My deck is in good condition, just what you'd expect after a season of mowing in a rural area. Yours must be in good shape as well (scratches etc. underneath don't bother me) and must be autoconnect. Since the 60" deck costs a bit more I'd be willing to kick in a couple of hundred bucks if yours is in as good shape as mine.
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