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I spoke with the guys at Heavy Hitch. The problem with the HH1DB is you can't use its inside brackets with that SpeeCo E-Hitch. There's not enough room. He uses the Heavy Hitch HH1UO and runs with wheel weights, and as many as (8) 70lb weights, depending on his need. The hitch alone weighs 52 lbs, so in addition to the 560 lbs in weights, you're over 610 lb ballast in that situation.

It all made sense as we talked through it, and I began to wonder why I was looking at the Dual one, anyway…
I just got a SpeeCo E-Hitch, I was considering the dual bracket heavy hitch, but I decided to save money and got the titan weight bracket. When I was researching the heavy hitch dual bracket I called them and asked the same question. The woman at HeavyHitch I spoke to told me that she believed that because of the angled support plates (gusset plates I guess you might call them) at the top of the E-hitch it prevents all 8 weights from fitting on the lower bracket that faces the front of the tractor, but she was pretty sure you could still fit 6 weights on that bracket, and the 8 weights on the upper rear facing bracket. So I'd still probably get the Dual bracket hitch if I was going the more expensive heavy hitch route.


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