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I only just recently aquired my 1025r, and so my collection of implements remains rather limited. I would, however like to get a pallet rack so I can start organizing my barn's lean-to storage space. The space is around 10ft x 25ft, and I'd like to put the pallet racks against a portion of the long wall. I don't want the racks to protrude more than is necessary, but at the same time, don't want to regret going with something too narrow. I was thinking 8ft high and 8-10ft wide, but I'm undecided on the depth. 36? 42? 48?

I haven't even really dialed in my wishlist of implements either. But a box blade, stump bucket, and forks are fairly high on the list.... maaay end up replacing my brush hog with a flail mower someday?

Anyone have any advice from experience? Regrets about not getting deeper racks, etc?
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