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It's interesting that Artillian lists their stufff as made in the USA from "North American" steel. That to me implies that the steel is sourced from outside the USA. North American but not USA means that the steel comes from one of the other 22 countries that make up North America. Anyone know their steel source?:usa

I don't doubt Artillian quality and construction, but I just find their ad a little strangely worded.:confused:
Mexico is in North America... Just sayin'...

I was in a similar position a couple months back. I finally got brave enough to take the plunge and trust Titan. Turned out very well for me. Great price, quick shipping, no manufacturing problems, and they work just like they should. I'm guessing that the ~$800 I saved vs. comparable Artillians I can buy a dedicated grapple (or loader add-on) if needed.

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