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Artillian Forks Rock!

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I recently picked up a set of Artillian forks from Chris and got them mounted up Saturday. I must say for the price of these babies I am more then impressed with the quality of workmanship. They are outstanding in every detail! After I had them mounted my first task was to move a pallet of pellets in my garage, this pallet has 46 - 40lb bags. In case your to lazy to figure that out it works out to 1840 lbs. So did my 2520 actually lift it and move it? No sweat I picked it up about 3 feet off the ground and moved it to the other side of the garage! Wow not only are the forks impressive but so is the 2520. So far I haven't found anything it won't do.

Thanks Chris!
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That is really good to hear!

These machines outfitted with the right tools never cease to amaze me. And yes, Chris does offer an excellent product for a very reasonable value. Rich, I noticed that in your excitement you forgot the camera? :mocking:
Hi Gents,

Just swinging through for a quick hit and run. Thanks much Richard, it's great to hear your news. I am a little confused, though. My own 2520 will lift about 1000-1100 lbs (evenly distributed on the forks). Are you sure about your numbers? If so, then there must be something wrong with my machine! And I'll second Randy's request for some pictures too, especially of 1840 lbs on a 2520.

PS. Your Backrest will be along shortly. We're trying to ship them as quickly as possible now.
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Okay so I wasn't sure how much the pallet actually weighed until after I had moved it. Maybe it doesn't know it can't lift it if it doesn't know how much it weighs? LOL I counted the bags myself and there were 46. Each bag weighs 40lbs each. Did my machine lift it? Yep absolutely! Did it lift it 3 ft? No clue but it did lift it enough for me to move it. If it was too heavy I assume the machine's hydro system would have just let out a high pitched whine through the relief valve and it wouldn't have budged it. But its not the case, it lifted it. I'll try the test again and get my wife to take a few pics to prove that it does indeed lift it.
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I've been able to lift about 1100 lbs, I would be very skeptical of 1800 lbs.
Sorry for the wrong information

Okay so in my excitement of actually moving the skid a few days ago, i really didn't pay any attention to the fact that it wasn't really in the air so I went and tried this again. The tractor barely lifts it about an inch and it leaks down very fast. So fast I couldn't even get a picture of it off the ground, it was already on the ground by the time I got off the tractor. So indeed 1800lbs is too much, if there was some one else home I could have tried taking bags off until i could get the thing in the air but everyone is gone this afternoon but me. I didn't mean to mis-lead anyone, sorry if i did.
Chris thanks for the backrest, I got it today.
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Picked up my forks today. The quality is first rate. Haven't installed them yet as I might still need the blower a couple of more times.

BTW, Chris is a first rate guy to deal with. Did everything that he said he would, when he said he would.

Come on, Spring!!!!
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