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Auotconnect 60D on 1026R: YouTube Videos

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Some videos from various angles, while connecting and unconnecting the mower:

It works great... now that we (working with Dealer's Service Tech) replaced the spring on the rear latch with a heavier duty version of it. Using the spring that came with it, "out-of-the-box", the latch would not always close... would have to go under and hand-latch it. Now it latches every time!

The Autoconnect feature really makes a "belly-mower" workable. I have avoided this style mower for years.... using a JD 3-pt finish mower instead. Now for the first time one can easily "get rid" of the mower, quickly, and use the tractor for the other implements... helped even more by the iMatch hitch! Great machinery!
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After watching it not latch as the Service Tech was driving it off and on, suggested we find another spring. He just went into the shop/parts bin at the dealership (where we were trying to make this work, before I took delivery)... brought out and installed the spring you see in this picture:


It is about a 11-gauge spring (3/32 inch or so).. and, as you can see, the hook ends are very short, so it is mainly spring between hook-up point on the frame of the mower and the latch. I don't have a part number or anything... Just autoconnected and disconnected the mower again this evening... works like a charm!
Absolutely Outstanding!! :yahoo: Would it be possible to give the source, gage, and dimensions of the spring? Thanks for the videos and all the hard work.

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