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I'm a lazy old man wearing tri-focals so the very idea of standing on my head or crawling under my tractor to change a fuse really does not appeal to me for fun. Especially when the location is full of mud or snow & slush!

For the most part I like JDs designs, however the location of the 15 amp fuse, above & behind the back wheel inside the wheel well was a bit odd for me. So one nice day I jacked it up, removed the wheel & relocated the fuse holder into that nice little box on the rear fender. Cheap to do as I just extended the wires about 12 inches & added wire wrap for protection. Now I can change the fuse standing outside or sitting on the seat should the need ever come up. It is used to power my warning light on the rear and I also plug the battery tender into the aux. power port.

The first pict. is off the JD site to locate the fuse, the rest are mine.
AUX FUSE OLD.jpg 20140929_190744.jpg 20140929_190803.jpg
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