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Auxiliary lights for dummies

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The weather has been great and I'm getting a lot of work done in the evenings. Mostly loader and grapple work. I think a good set of lights will allow me to work a little longer after dark.

I've read every thread I could find on GTT and everything I can find online about installing auxiliary work lights on my tractor. Doesn't look too difficult but he options are so vast that I'm not sure of the best options.

I want to add a LED bar light to the front of the canopy and 1 or 2 rear facing lights. I will add brush guards to the back lights adding an additional mounting location.

Nilight gets a lot of good reviews, seems very popular on GTT, and is not very expensive.

These options are not set in stone, but I would like to wire the bar light to the factory switch and add a rocker switch for the rear lights. If it's much simpler I'm fine connecting front and rear lights to the factory switch.

There are so many different models just among the Nilight that I'm not sure which to choose. Is a 12" bar enough or do I need the 20"? Is the JD wiring harness the best option or is the Nilight options fine? Will I need the extension? Are there other good light options?

I appreciate some guidance for someone that has no experience in this task.

JD 4044m
JD canopy
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Make a jump harness with one set of plugs to attach to the stock harness that pigtails into two connections for your lights. Basically you’ll have two Y-shaped harnesses.
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I just shoved two wires into one connector and crimped it. Then the other ends each got their own connectors. Just be sure to make the connections so they go the right way to the harness on the tractor and then to the lights. iIRC, one male to two female connectors, and then one female to two male connectors.

I still call them by those terms. I’m not woke and I don’t care if someone is offended by those terms. :p
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