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Auxiliary lights for dummies

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The weather has been great and I'm getting a lot of work done in the evenings. Mostly loader and grapple work. I think a good set of lights will allow me to work a little longer after dark.

I've read every thread I could find on GTT and everything I can find online about installing auxiliary work lights on my tractor. Doesn't look too difficult but he options are so vast that I'm not sure of the best options.

I want to add a LED bar light to the front of the canopy and 1 or 2 rear facing lights. I will add brush guards to the back lights adding an additional mounting location.

Nilight gets a lot of good reviews, seems very popular on GTT, and is not very expensive.

These options are not set in stone, but I would like to wire the bar light to the factory switch and add a rocker switch for the rear lights. If it's much simpler I'm fine connecting front and rear lights to the factory switch.

There are so many different models just among the Nilight that I'm not sure which to choose. Is a 12" bar enough or do I need the 20"? Is the JD wiring harness the best option or is the Nilight options fine? Will I need the extension? Are there other good light options?

I appreciate some guidance for someone that has no experience in this task.

JD 4044m
JD canopy
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No connection that I can see below ROPs. Picture of wires behind the seat. A 2 wire connector with one white and 1 black (not very good light when I took the pic) wire near the top of the fender. A white and a blue dot on the tape holding the connector. Could this be the connection for the auxiliary light switch?

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This set of lights with wiring harness and switch looks good.

There is room for 20" bar on the canopy. It would be nice to find a way to mount to the canopy frame. Looks like plenty of room above my head, but not sure how much clearance the light will have. Now to choose a bar light.
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If the connector in the top picture I posted isn't it, then what is it for?
This would also be a good time to add a charging port. NiLight makes one. Tie it in to the wires to the battery or separate connection?
The sunlight is much better today. Found the connector right where everyone said it would be.
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I had the same questions when I decided to add more lights. To keep things simple, I bought 2 of these lights. I pluged them into the auxiliary outlet on the right fender, using this.
View attachment 890749
It has it's own switch and fuse. I wired a pigtail onto the lights that allow me to connect them to the connector, so I can use it for my lights and also my sprayer. I also bought 2 magnets from harbor freight, attached the lights to the magnets, and mounted them to a bracket I attached to my ROPS. I have 1 light aimed forward and 1 light aimed backwards.
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Thanks for the info. However, I don't have an auxiliary outlet and I have a canopy.
Trying to put a lot if forethought into this project so that I don't have to do it again. I was thinking of mounting a bar light to the top or front of the canopy. But then realized that catching a limb is very likely and not only damaging the light, but may damage the canopy.

These brackets may work with 2 6" or 7" lights. I may even be able to fabricate a bracket like it that is the length I need for the JD canopy.

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Looking at these for the front:

Or, not Nilight

Ordered bullet connectors from ebay. Add them to wiring harness

Rear lights

I'm not sure how to connect this, but while I'm at it, this looks helpful
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Questions from no experience wiring person:

I plan to run the 6.5" Nilight bars on the front and wire to the factory connection behind the seat. Pigtail the 2 lights to the 1 factory bullet connectors. These lights are 120w LED. Will they work with this connection?

I don't forsee any problems, but Plan to run the rear work lights (2) with the purchased wiring harness and rocker switch. They are 18w.

Changing from USB port to power port. How do I wire it?
I’m considering adding a switch box under the canopy top for a convenient place to add switches.
You don't have rocker blanks on the console?
Spent some quality time with a service mechanic and rep at a dealership (same company, different location). They may have learned more than I did by looking up wiring diagrams that they understand and me not so much.

To install the 12v power outlet, the 44r is rewired and the 44m is not. Haven't looked on my tractor yet, but one possibility to power auxiliary accessories is the circuit box at the left rear of the driver's seat. Not the only option, but next best is wire to the battery.

He confirmed that the front bar lights can go to a pigtail and then the factory bullet connectors with no issue.

On top of lots of helpful information and the resolution of the 3rd function quick connect problem, this is the first good experience I've had with a dealership since buying the tractor.
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No sir. Mine is a first gen Yanmar built 2025R. No switch blanks anywhere.
Then that looks like a good option. Let us know how it works out.
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I've only found 1 factory connection with bullet connectors. What is the best way to connect both lights to 1 lead back to the purple and black connection?
Make a jump harness with one set of plugs to attach to the stock harness that pigtails into two connections for your lights. Basically you’ll have two Y-shaped harnesses.
T connectors are fine or strip and solder is best?
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