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axle problems on 3x20 series

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It seems there are some axle problems you hear about on some of the 3x20 and 4x20 series tractors. I bought my 3520 in 2010. On the day it arrived I ran it around getting a feel for it, about an hour. I noticed the next day a puddle of fluid on the floor under the axle near the tire. I checked the fluid and the stick was dry.

I called the dealer and tore into them right good. It was a Saturday so I left a voice mail for the salesman and sales manager. They called me first thing Monday morning and had a tech come out and put more fluid in the axle. It didn't take much. I made him leave me the gallon of fluid. The tech said even tho the stick was dry it still had plenty of fluid as to not cause any damage.

60 hrs. later I haven't had a problem since that one time. I always check my fluids before I start it, keeping a close eye on the axle.

Is there a good reason why I had that leak?

Is there anything I should do or any questions to ask before my warranty runs out at the end of the year as far as the axle goes?

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Was thinking about venting the axle via a very small hole drilled thru the plastic dip stick / filler plug. Might use a dab of candle wax as a safety seal.
Could this void the warranty?
I would ask an JD service manager before you make any modification. IMO if the wax falls out or deteriorates you now have a open port to allow water
I vented mine. I drilled the top of the dipstick to take a 1/8" pipe thread with a 1/4" hose barb fitting. ran 1/4" black fuel line up under the hood and put a cheap fuel filter on the end to keep dirt out.

haven't had any wheel seal issues since.

and if you have any warranty issues just take this off and buy a new dipstick ahead of time to swap out if needed.

sometimes what they don't know don't hurt them.......
What about moisture?? Doesn't a fuel filter allow the passage of fluids?? If you feel the need the vent your differentials- shouldn't you consider a one way check valve?
what moisture?? i have it way up by the air filter for the engine.

and a one way valve isn't the best because when your differential cools down, some air needs to get back in or your essentially sucking your wheel seals in.

Really? I have never heard of this??

So cant your "fuel filter" still suck moisture or water vapor- regardless of the location??
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