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Sorry to report, I didn't see any mention through a search,

Member Imaybail passed away last October 09, 2018. I sold him that Woods Backhoe he put on this JD 4300.

His wife called me last weekend. She said he had been battling cancer for 38 months, was doing good, but it came back and he was gone in a month. She wanted to know what I thought the Backhoe would be worth since wanted to sell. Told her I sold it to Ben for $4,000, and, should be worth that if not a bit more with the subframe he purchased, if bought for a similar tractor.

When he picked up the backhoe, driving up from Georgia to Virginia, just another road trip, I told him anytime on SAT morning after 7am, I got the coffee going at 6:59am and here come his headlights up through the woods on my driveway, he was ready.

Only met him that one time, but remember thinking, that is kind of person you'd want as your neighbor. God Bless.
Thanks, I just updated his user title.
41 - 41 of 41 Posts