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Backhoe for 3D series?

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I'm being told that I can't add a backhoe to a 3D series tractor. What is different that limits the ability?

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3D is a different rear end and I think most people shopping a backhoe would prefer hydro for finesse work. I bet Deere just didn't see it as a popular combination and didn't want to spend the time/money making a solution. Just my guess, don't really know at all.
Of course backhoes can work on gear drives and have for years. I just mean that since hydros have become the popular choice on compacts, I would think someone planning to do backhoe work and spend the money on one is probably more likely doing the kind of work that hydros are better at. Deere doesn't have to provide all the combinations.
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1 - 2 of 20 Posts
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