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so I had always wanted a backhoe for my 4300. I "learned " that the backhoe attachments from JD that would "fit" were 47, 48, 448, 447, 485. and I just thought Id buy it and bolt it on.

UH..NO that don't happen... first off you need the mount plates that bolt onto YOUR specific machine... then as I found the backhoes themselves can vary to the point it still wont fit...with out ANOTHER change of parts on the attachment

I found that the 48 backhoe has two separate "weldment brackets" a medium, and a large... on my machine either will actually "fit onto the brackets and my machine"....but not as designed.... the rockarms are used to lift the hoe in place I found.. and the larger machines (4500, 4600, and 4700) have larger rockarms... so the 4300 rockarms cant lift the unit high enough...because the hooks notches they engage are so high to start with!!!!....

I got a set of brackets( rock arm assist brackets) and they actually fit onto both weldment brackets I have....( I bought a medium weldment on ebay....and my backhoe came with a large frame weldment)

it seemed to simple I thought...just buy the attachment and bolt it up and go dig!!! ha ha

the foreground weldment is the larger frame part... I was told one thing the large frame weldment also does is extend the hoe farther away off the tractor...thus allowing clearing between the ground support arms and the back of the rear tires!!!!( yeah the tires are larger on the larger machines!!!!!!!!!!)

notic the difference in the shape of the "u" pockets for lifting that the rockarms enage...different shape and dimensions

look at the shape of the metal under the "u" pockets that the rockarm eganges....totally a different shape

just thought Id pass that on , in case another newbie thinks he wants a backhoe.....and JUST THINKS its only a backhoe he needs!!

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Thanks Bob, this will absolutely help someone in the future!
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