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Eagle won.

065 (2).jpg

069 (2).jpg

Hard to watch at first cuz it seemed to take forever for the duck to die..... felt bad for the little bugger. But tis life.
That bird was so frickin huge. Took over 140 pics during the 20 minute feast.

I feed a gazillion ducks (along with many other birds and critters) that spend the warmer months in the wet land behind my house, and with the mild winter last year about 20+ ducks stuck around because of the open water. As the weather gets colder they fly back and forth to a nearby river till the pond freezes over. They usually fly in before dawn, wait to get fed then fly to the river and return mid afternoon for din din.

From last winter

photo (21).JPG

Today was different and one duck stayed behind. Big dummy.

I purchased an aerator system off Ebay and was going to install it tomorrow to keep the area open this winter.
Wonder if this will be a feeding ground for the eagle.

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To be able to see an eagle basically in your back yard!! How cool is that!:thumbup1gif:
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