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I wish I had 600 pounds of gold to fill my ballast box. :) I wouldn't have any money left over for tools and chainsaws though.

I used concrete blocks from Home Depot. The large ones (around 4x8x16 I think) and small ones that look like bricks can be combined to fill most of the box, and they could be removed if you wanted to take them out. I know I can get the brick-sized ones out, but I haven't tried getting the large ones out yet.

Lead would probably be a good ballast, but it seems it is getting as expensive as gold lately (well, maybe not, but it isn't going for $0.10 per pound like it used to). I like the steel scrap idea. I have to see what I can find at the local scrap yards for cheap.

I guess you could buy the Deere 47 pound suitcase weights and use them as well. They would be easy to remove, but cost around $1 per pound.
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