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Barn & Storage Buildings- Concrete Floors

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I started a new thread in the hopes of helping others.

What is the consensus of opinion on concrete floor installation? I'm talking Thickness, Rebar vs. Wire, Foam underlay, Sub-base, Geo-Tec fabric, Troweled joints vs Sawed Joints, Etc, Etc, Etc........... Cost saving measures, Foam underlay, and the type used vs. none, Etc. I understand that Geo-Tec on firmly packed ground, with an 8-10" compacted crusher-run stone base, and 8" of rebar reinforced is ideal, but I want to be realistic, from a homeowner standpoint! I'm thinking 6" of stone, over fabric, and a 5" slab with wire and saw-cut would be adequate. KennyD, I looked through your photo site and saw the 'cutting', but am unsure of the base you used. Also, How deep do you score, if sawed. Do you fill the saw-cuts with silicone after the cut, and seal the whole slab with a commercial sealer?

This will probably be 'Job-One' this Spring, and I want to do it once and right! TIA ~"Scotty"

Also Perimeter drains, footers under door sills, any help is appreciated..........~S
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While we are talking this, I would really like to know the cost of 4" and the difference per foot to 6".
Brian- You make a good point in that if it's only the incremental cost of the 'crete', it's probably not the place to 'cheap-out'! In my structure at 28X40 the difference is about 7 cuyds, (13.83 cuyds, vs 20.74 cuyds). Figure what, $110.00 a yd, on the truck?

Mjn- I understand the 'bars, and chairs', but think I'm about to face Rebar sticker-shock! I've found this site helpful, especially the calculator. Looks like I've got a lot of reading to do! Thanks Guys! ~Scotty
I applaud you for wanting to do the slab once and right, as tear and redo later is expensive as hell and a real inconvenience.
Well here my deal, I'm in a deep frost area, (except for this year) So I guess the slab will 'float' to some extent. So is the game plan: Packed soil, Geotec. Compacted stone, FoamBoard, Poly, Chairs and rod. and pour? Just trying to learn without my lazy butt doing all that reading! :laugh: Besides, Someone told me that there's a football game on today.....~Scotty
Brian-Here's where I am............

Are you pouring a foundation or doing a pole building or?!/page7

(Maybe post 62?) ~Scotty
Floor Concrete continued.............

Mjn/KennyD- I envision that I'll try to do just as much as I possibly can! I.E. Form, stone, compact, wire or rebar, (probably wire, just for expense) and (in my area) have Tony and Mario, just come in and pour/float and finish! No way am I'm doing that! It's bull work, and a special talent that I have neither strength or talent for! I'm up in the 'air' on the Styrofoam, and I don't know if laying plastic film on the compacted stone buys me anything, but that's a cheap item in the scheme of things. I don't think I've got the humidity problem that you, Ken, may have in MD., But I see the 'wicking' issue might come into play, and make it worthwhile.

I think it will be: Geotec, stone, poly, and 6" 'crete', and be done! Kenny, did you use Geo-Tec fabric? And did they run a tamper over your stone before the foam placement? At any rate, sounds like you're happy! :thumbup1gif:
I really want to have this whole thing prepped so they can come in, 'spill the mud' surface and be out! Is one day asking too much if I've got it all ready? Thanks for you're continued input, guys! ~Scotty
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No on the fabric, yes on the tamper, and very happy I am:laugh:
Thanks Buddy, I think I'm get closer to a 'game plan'.............I love the sawed joints. I B!tch everytime I roll equipment in the troweled ones , even in my driveway, as was previously mentioned.....! ~S
Thanks everyone............~Scotty
Yes, radiant heat connected to my GeoThermal heat pump.

T-stat is set at 70 in the winter. Stays nice and comfy.
Can you point me toward a link for that geo-thermal system that you used? I just might cast in the tubing, for future use. Thanks! ~Scotty
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