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Base Molding

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We're repainting walls and ceiling, and refinishing the oak floor in our master bedroom.

In removing the base molding I installed some 20+ years ago, I struggled with replacing or refinishing. I went both ways and finally decided to replace it . . . with my own.

This Ash molding is ready for final finishing . . . all 72' against the 57' required.

Automotive tire Wood Workbench Gas Engineering
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Wood Beam Composite material Hardwood Engineering
Wood Rectangle Table Floor Flooring

I used less desirable slabs to make the two piece molding above.
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Great looking as usual
Applied first coat of General Finishes Arm-R-Seal over a single coat of their 'Nutmeg' Gel Stain. The Arm-R-Seal shown in these pictures was just applied and will dry 12 hrs minimum before I apply the second coat. Once dry the finish will have settled down to 'Satin'.

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