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Battery Help Needed

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I think I aready know the answer, But need comfirmation that I'm really this "dumb"!

I've got a 1947 JD "M" in the yard awaiting a 'moderate' restore. I bought a 6v "Excide Commericial Premium Battery for it last Spring. I like to start it up once a week, and maybe twice a month in the Winter, just to keep the 'lube' flowing! In the late, late Fall, I hooked up a (covered) newly purchased Shumacher SE-82-6 charger that I've had on it! All my other chargers (Sears), peak at the start, then 'throttle back' and bump charge or trickle, if you will. Well, yesterday I tried to fire the "M", and no-go!

With 'BlueBird' (75*) weather here today, I pulled the Battery, and as I suspected, the water was way, way, way, down in all the cells! I think I 'cooked' the doggone thing! Possibly to the 'trash' level! I believe that I bought the Battery at Tractor Supply. They never 'popped' the date tags, and I don't know if I can find my receipt. The sticker on the side says: "Shipped January 20011", that would be from the factory to the retailer. Right now I've topped up the water, and it seems to be charging. If it doesn't come back, (and I'd like your guess on that) , How do I proceed? Return it to TSC, or "Slap-Head", say you Dumb-S#it, and get on with my life! I'm not one to scam, and if my actions caused this,........well then lesson learned, but if Exide has a "Stuff-Happens" policy" I'd like to know that too.......TIA ~Scotty
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Scotty370;28744 Another Question: I don't understand electric circuits that much. I've got two pieces of equipment said:
Or should I hook up one cable, and meter between the alternate post and alternate lead? Looks like I might be buying a battery, don't want to have to buy a meter!!!!! ~S
If you know how to use your meter, then you should be checking for the parasitic draw/drain in the current mode. Disconnect the + battery lead and place the meter in the circuit buy placing one lead on the battery and the other on the cable. DO NOT try to start it! Read the current draw, if there is any you start troubleshooting by pulling fuses till the goes away.
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