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OK, I'll risk being the Grinch here; but two recent tragedies involving pedestrians just may have been less tragic had the pedestrians been walking/jogging facing oncoming traffic and seen the vehicles coming at them, and hopefully jump out of the way. Since many of us live in rural areas with no sidewalks, please remember to be safe when walking out and about your areas on roads without sidewalks. Yes, I need to remind myself and my wife of that too.

This happened today, and the video says the jogger probably never saw the SUV, which implies he was jogging with traffic or was in the street when at least some sidewalk was available to run on. Any joggers out there care to enlighten me and the forum for that matter why they jog in the street when a perfectly good sidewalk is right there in a lot of cases?
[h=1]Out-of-control SUV hits & kills jogger; slams into house[/h]

The following happened about 3 - 4 miles from me and there are no sidewalks on that 45 - 50 MPH 2-lane road. Also, if the driver is found to have caused the accident because of his damn cell phone...well it just reinforces my signature line.
[h=1]Families of pedestrians killed continue to mourn loss[/h]

"We were hit from behind. That's the last thing I remember," Jarren Lewis said.
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