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Beet Juice Rear Wheel Ballast

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I have a new 1025R, 2.5 hrs. So far I have been doing light lifting and work with it. Move a couple of 25lb stones. Hauled 15-20 4 inch logs I cut, etc. The beet juice is running out of the wheels at the bead of the rim. I put more air in the tires. I was told by the dealer to put the air stems at the top of the wheel and I could bleed off the juice to check tire pressure. This worked on left wheel, but not the right. The pressure was 20lbs which is max. for my tires. I put a little more air in the right tire as well.

Does any one else use beet juice or other liquid ballast? Have you had this problem? If you did what was done to fix it?

My mind tells me that low pressure on these tires with liquid in them will not seal properly. I asked the dealer to remove the juice and clean the wheels and tires so I can use weights. He said that is against their ballast policy. I aske what the difference between liquid and weights are, and he got a bit upset with me.

All feedback appreciated.

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nothing wrong with the dealer wanting ur new tractor to have ballast on it when it goes out the door-nope not a thing. now where he went wrong was not asking u personally what type of ballast u so desire. this is ur first thing u have found out, that ur salesman is not too informed about ur tractor. u said the dealer sells AG-related equipment-and only orders small stuff to keep the ag people happy--feel bad for ya. sounds like u should of passed this place for the next one.

i would want to know why they broke the bead down to install the beet juice-ha! i bet their pump was broken or wore out.

here where i live at--pretty much everyone has gotten rid of the beet juice-and went with windshield fluid-said it was to much money to keep the pumps rebuilt to do beet juice.

good luck
In my area this is the 2nd dealer that now requires ballast before they will sell the tractor. I'm only luke warm with this idea. It seems like a way to make more money. I know you need ballast, but this money could be used for a ballast bucket, or heavy hitch, etc.
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