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Doc, I made this it's own thread since it was really specific to your particular machine.

That bucket has a double-wall top I believe, and we do not recommend the bolt on hooks for that application. Here is some info we have on the FAQ page:

Q: What if the top of my bucket is double-walled?
A #1: Some heavy duty buckets have a double wall construction on the top, and bolting hooks to them could damage the bucket by compressing the wall’s together, and you would not be able to properly torque the bolts. If you have this type of bucket construction, then these hooks may not be the best option and you should consider having the hooks welded on.
In summery, KBOGH/BoltOnHooks LLC does not recommend or endorse the use of the bolt on products for these heavy duty, double walled style buckets.

A #2:
One customer, Bob from IN recently did an install on his 3320/300cx/HD Bucket with custom made spacers. You can read the details here on the GreenTractorTalk forum. Bob knew the potential issues and assumed all responsibly in this application. We cannot offer this solution due to the difference's in the buckets.
We do however offer a complete selection of weld-on products for you.
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