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After getting a price of $3500 for a front mount 47" blower and quick hitch, I'm thinking about a 3 point snowblower for my 2320. I see Frontier make 48, 60 and 64 inch rear
mount blowers. What would be the ideal size for a 2320? My guess is 60". Any comments on brands other than Frontier? Thanks in advance.
I think you're getting a good deal on a 47" front mount snowblower package for $3500. The 54" would be an extra $400. A rear blower is about $1500 less.

When you're looking for a 3 pt snowblower you first have to look at the PTO horse power of the tractor. The PTO hp of a 2320 is 18. My dealer recomended the Frontier 54" for my 2320 and that's what I purchased. Frontier makes 48", 54", 64", etc. Select a Model. You can go with a bigger size if you want, but you're gonna work your tractor really hard especially if the snow is really wet. I wanted a front mount but couldn't justify the $1500 since I'm still fairly young.

You can always search craigslist or unclehenrys for a 3 pt blower. There are some really good used ones out there. I had found a nice used 50" Woods blower in southern Maine on craigslist. The guy wanted $2000 for it and wouldn't budge. Others I found were either too big or too small. I got the new Frontier for $2300. If you're not a a big hurry just be patient and one will pop up sooner or later.

Good luck!


Here's a link to a few in Maine.

New Hamphire.
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