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SAVE 20% on our XPHD Poly Racks just use coupon code *DEMOXPHD* and save! Limited time offer while supplies last?

695 delivered!

Visit us at
Product Details & What's Include:
1 drop down hook

1-4 Hole tool holder

1 Universal tool holder with Rubber Strap

1 counter weight bracket

All attaching Hardware

Rack Dimensions L: 43" x W: 46" H 38"

The bed is made of a durable rotomolded HDPE double wall plastic that is built to last and will never rust, features a heavy duty supporting spine, side compartment with cup holder, beaver tail end. The body also has drain holes in it so it will not fill with water.

Powder Coat Finish on yellow upright bar that is setup to accept many of our Bigtoolrack Accessories

This Rack has a max cargo capacity of 600 LBS with our 3 point hitch setup. Be sure to check your owner's manual to see what your vehicle is rated for, you are never to exceed your vehicles rating.

3PT Hitch connector comes standard with our suitcase weight bracket that holds up to 6-42 LB suitcase weights for added counterweight. Weights NOT INCLUDED.

Standard Tow feature this gives you the ability to tow a small trailer around with the Bigtoolrack when connected to your tractor, like a log splitter or small utility trailer. Tongue weight not to exceed 75LBS

*Tools Not Included*

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Is 695 delivered the cost? Or you have sold 695
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695 delivered!
Happy to hear that you're moving some units!! :bigthumb:
Is 695 delivered the cost? Or you have sold 695

Without the dollar sign, I never even thought about that being the cost!! :laugh: I just assumed it was how many had been "delivered". :laugh:

If you go to the website and do the math, the regular price is $870. Then you can put in the 20% discount code which brings it down the $696. So I'm guessing it was the price.

I need to switch back to regular coffee!! :coffee:

Never underestimate the power of proper punctuation (and currency symbols) in a sentence. There's a big difference between "Let's eat, Grandma" and "Let's eat Grandma"!! :laugh: Also some difference in "695 delivered" and "$695 delivered".

Regardless, he has some pretty clever solutions and I hope he's selling a bunch of them!!
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