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BigToolRack Outdoor Storage: Anyone?

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Ok, here goes...

Unlike many of you with big beautiful shops with concrete floors I have very limited storage space in a wooden shed.

My storage strategy will prioritize my PTO driven implements and hopefully my backhoe and the tractor itself to be stored inside the shed. hopefully between heavy duty scaffolds/stacking, putting things on moving dollies for maneuverability I should be able to pull it off

I have been keeping my BigToolRack inside my shed because it’s such a beautiful piece - has anyone stored theirs outside? I imagine I will want to move it outside and potentially keep it and some other implements under a lean to.

If you have stored it outdoors - how has it held up?

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My big tool rack is only 3 months old but it has only been outside. It was left outside for the first month I had it and now is under cover in an open barn. I haven't even taken it off my tractor since I got it. Very well made. My opinion it should be fine, seeing how it is in the short time I have had it. It's my favorite attachment.
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