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Blowing my Key On fuse!

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I have a 2003 4410 Compact, it keeps blowing my key on fuse when I'm on rough ground, but today it has blown it and when I replaced the fuse it blew it when I turn the key on... where do I start looking? Thanks for your help!
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Just the 4410 right now... hope to upgrade later!
I would examine the wiring harness and all of your electrical components. Look for abrasions and obvious shorts. You can disconnect all of your items that you were using at the time the fuse blew. Then one item at a time, reconnect and check your fuse. Sooner or later your culprit will show up. :good2:

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Ok, kinda what I figured was going to be the answer... I guess I was hoping there would be something quick & simple, Ha!
Appreciate your HELP!!!
Thanks everyone for the info., I finally found the wires that were shorting out... they were on a wiring harness that goes between my electric PTO engage switch and pto... it came back to me that it was only blowing the fuse when I was clipping. so,Thanks again!:thumbup1gif:
1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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