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This type of pulley design isn’t out of the ordinary for a single-belt system. I see a lot of over-thinking in both the OP and replies (extra bearing and sheave wear? Pffft). Look at the 300’s, LX, GT, GX snow throwers for instance.

Get your operators manual, follow the directions to ensure the deck is level, then go mow again. If it’s not a level cut or is gouging the grass, then check in this order: the blade, the spindle, then deck (spindle mounting area, brackets, etc.). Chances are the blade is going to be the first - and only - damage in these instances.

Speaking of operators manual, those are provided for a reason. We are supposed to read them when we buy a machine. Had this been done, this post wouldn’t have even existed as the manual clearly shows the pulley system and how it works. Also included are troubleshooting steps for checking damage after hitting something/uneven cutting.

Please don’t take the tone of my reply as condescending or rude - just being matter-of-fact. I hope the dealer doesn’t charge you a silly amount for checking the deck, that you’re damage free, and can enjoy your brand new mower 😎
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