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Blunt Force Trauma Damage - X350 42" Deck

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Pictured was the result of me mowing over an exposed tree root which stopped one of my mower blades cold.

My concern is that the yellow pulley system support (which is part of the deck housing) appears to be bent and repairing this to bring the deck back to 100% of factory specs/tolerances may not be possible (?). Initial inspection does not appear to show any mower blade/spindle alignment damage, but not 100% certain of this (?).

What also concerns me is that given a blunt force impact that occurred that this deck is not engineered with a sheer-pin or other mechanism designed to fail (absorb the blunt force trauma) in advance of the inertia from the blunt force transferring from the blade all the way to the deck’s yellow housing causing the damage that resulted in this situation.

Curious if anyone has experienced anything similar or just any comments in general...thanks in advance.

FYI ~ Purchased this lawn tractor new on 8/21/21.

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Interesting idea on the shear pins, I've never seen a MMM with them. Guess the manufacturers figure it's a finish mower so you're not expected to hit roots and stuff with it. That, and if I understand correctly, some gas engines don't have enough torque to spin a mower deck up from idle so you have to give it some gas before engaging the PTO. Since it's just an on/off electromagnetic clutch I'd imagine the shock load when engaging would cause shear pins to fatigue and fail rather quickly.

You should be able to bend that back into shape with some persuasion and cussin at it. Might have to get creative with prybars and stuff.
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