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Blunt Force Trauma Damage - X350 42" Deck

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Pictured was the result of me mowing over an exposed tree root which stopped one of my mower blades cold.

My concern is that the yellow pulley system support (which is part of the deck housing) appears to be bent and repairing this to bring the deck back to 100% of factory specs/tolerances may not be possible (?). Initial inspection does not appear to show any mower blade/spindle alignment damage, but not 100% certain of this (?).

What also concerns me is that given a blunt force impact that occurred that this deck is not engineered with a sheer-pin or other mechanism designed to fail (absorb the blunt force trauma) in advance of the inertia from the blunt force transferring from the blade all the way to the deck’s yellow housing causing the damage that resulted in this situation.

Curious if anyone has experienced anything similar or just any comments in general...thanks in advance.

FYI ~ Purchased this lawn tractor new on 8/21/21.

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My apologies to all of you folks that replied to my post for it appears that I spoke prematurely regarding what to me appeared to be a mangled (bent) pulley system. Upon sending these photos to the JD dealer I purchased the mower at I received a prompt call informing me that the angles I'm seeing in this pulley system is how they are designed. They went on to say that I could (as several of you alluded to) have a bent/out-of-alignment spindle, blade and/or a slightly bent deck housing resulting from the impact...dropping the deck off at the dealer today.

At minimum from my eyeballing the blade appears to be slightly bent, more like slightly bowed. I'll send a final follow-up after the dealer accesses and performs their fix.

Again; sorry for the rookie over-reaction.
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Follow-up Post (Post-Repair)

  • Bent Blade
  • Bent deck housing at the spindle mount bolt holes.
  • Spindle & pulley system A-OK

Thanks to the good folks @ the JD Dealer I bought the tractor from (Bud Herbert Motors ~ Cincy) I'm back up and cutting grass...and yes I'll be taking an ax to that exposed tree root that created all of this fun.

Here are some photos requested by Arnoha with the belt back on...FYI my deck height is set @ 3.5" in these photos with the deck in the down (ready to cut) position.

Thanks for everyone's comments and interest.

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Good Eye Tsoleno on seeing those hammer marks near the spindle well...I suppose I should hit that with a little JD Glossy Yellow if nothing else to prevent rust.
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