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I have an issue with a 3 cylinder yanmar 3tnm72-apl engine. I got this thing in trade. At first it would run for about 6 seconds then die, then after you waited like an hour, it would run again for 6 seconds. The guy thought it was injectors… I got a set of injectors and it didn’t help. I am not a diesel mechanic, however, I know the basics. I started by replacing the nasty fuel… and checking that the lines were bled. The lift pump sounded sick so I got a Holley diesel pump 4-7 psi. That didn’t help either. Now it won’t even run for the 6 seconds. I cracked the lines at both the injection pump outlet and the injectors to make sure fuel was going in. While it’s cranking it blows black smoke. I’m at a loss for what it could be…

thanks in advance!

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